Imagination Materialized


I’ve been makin’ and breakin’ things as long as can remember. As a kid I would rather stay inside and draw, play with Lego’s or invent. I was always getting in trouble for losing my dads tools, burning myself with the soldering iron, and taking stuff apart without putting it back together. It was all worth it because that curiosity never left and I’m still the same way today.

I started my career in design as an animator at Autodesk then shortly after, co-founded a video game company called S2Games. We created some pretty successful video games including the Savage franchise which won many awards such as the independent game of the year. We also created Heroes of Newerth which to this day is still one of the most popular pc games around and many more. I also formed a custom knife company called www.ReaverArms.com,  as well as a couple other small ventures.

When I’m not making knives or games, I’m machining, making robots, guns, props, programming, designing electronics, or maybe taking pictures of galaxies.


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